Developper Guide

Pirus, Regovar ?

Pirus is a "sub" project of the Regovar project. Pirus focus on the server application used by Regovar to run bioinformatics pipelines.

The Regovar community prides itself on being an open, accessible and friendly community for new participants. If you have any difficulties getting involved or finding answers to your questions, please bring those questions to the #regovar chat room on gitter so that we can help you get started.

What skills do I need ?

Pirus is a small project but we are using and we are happy to receive contributors with very different skills.

  • If you know C++, for instance, you can contribute to the heavy client QPirus for the Pirus server.
  • If you know JavaScript or HTML/CSS, you can contribute to the front-end of Pirus.
  • If you know Python, you can contribute to the Pirus server application.
  • If you know Make, shell or Python, you can contribute to our build systems and release engineering and automation.
  • If you know Linux systems, virtualization technologies (lxc/lxd, docker, biobox, conda, ...) and Python, you can contribute to ours ContainerManager, which allow Pirus to support many kind of virtualization technologies.
  • If you know Markdow and ReadTheDoc, you can help to write, correct, and translate Pirus's documentation.
  • If you know bioinformatics technologies, you can use Pirus as user, and test/share your pipelines with us to improve the Pirus server and share your experience with the community.

I found a bug ! I have a new idea !

you can expose it in the #regovar chat room on gitter, or you can create a new issue on github.

Advanced topics

  • Coding rules
  • Sofware Architecture
  • Pirus Model
  • Pirus Core
  • Pirus container's managers:
    • LXD
  • Pirus REST api
  • Pirus CLI api